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Ensuring quality for each drop.

Kids love to play – may it be indoors or outdoors at almost any time of day. Playing is essential to a child’s development because it is where they build cognitive, emotional and social skills. They learn to be creative, to communicate what they think, to adapt to their environment, to make choices, and most importantly to earn friends whom they can get along well with. While this activity can be very meaningful, it can also be very exhaustive; and parents want to make sure that their kids are refreshed with clean drinking water.


Hach’s TU5 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters help Water Service Providers obtain accurate and reliable turbidity measurements from high turbidity to ultra clean water – producing sediment-free, contaminant-free, bacteria-free and toxin-free water that is safe for children to drink. This way, parents can be confident that their children will always be nourished with high quality water whenever and wherever, both during play and rest.


Treasuring safe travels and fun memories.

Cebu, an island province in the Central Visayas region, is a popular tourist destination and a significant cultural center in the Philippines. As the island where the first Spaniards arrived and settled, it is home to many historical landmarks like the Magellan’s Cross, Basilica del Santo Niño, and Fort San Pedro. There’s the Sinulog Festival where streets become alive with people, color, and festivities; the famous Lechon Cebu that’s hard to miss; and the Bantayan Island where one can experience the relaxed island life.


From Manila, direct flights to Cebu are available from major local airlines taking about an hour and a half covering a stretch of five hundred sixty kilometres (1). There are about 25 flights per day to accommodate tourists and locals alike to this wonderful destination (2). Each of these flights is made safe by confirming weather conditions are good for flying. The Vaisala Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) installed in our major airports help air traffic controllers get accurate real-time weather information such as wind speed, wind direction, ground temperature, and thunderstorm information, among many others. 


So the next time you fly to Cebu and the Captain announces the local time, ground temperature, and weather conditions, you will be reminded of the Vaisala AWOS and its mission to provide safe flights and sound journeys.